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Get a working website via easy editing

120 Method blocks have a programming code now. Just substitute your data in the code, choose the style you like, and get ready-to-work landing page immediately.

Each react-component is
ready-to-use and includes layout, styles, and work logic.

Create websites in a few minutes

With our universal blocks you will create your website
without any difficulties. Really fast.

Fully Vector
120+ Unique Layouts
Block Model
Bootstrap 4 Grid
Ready For Print
Organized Symbols
Free Fonts
Unlimited Updates

Working together is easy like never before

Collaborate with your colleagues and clients. Work and discuss your projects in team. You can use Figma or Sketch comments or upload Method screens you any prototype tool you wish.

Huge amount of ready-to-use layouts

Method consists of 120 ready-to-use blocks in 11 popular categories. We tried to cover most important
needs of a website.

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Organized symbols & neat styleguide

All UI Blocks and Templates are based on a system of
elements. Styleguide is completely build using symbols and
all changes you make will be shown in Styleguide.

120+ Mobile Blocks to adapt your design for mobile devices

Expand your prototyping capabilities with Mobile Blocks. We created a lot of mobile layouts in different categories.

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Choose the Dark Method to create stylish website

All screens and blocks are available in a dark theme. Use them to create a strict and powerful design with smart details. Transfer your website to the dark side and make it special while others are still waiting.

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The detailed documentation

We created the powerful documentation that describes every component’s function and action

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Ready to start? Welcome on board!

  • 10 blocks from 5 categories
  • Figma & Sketch files
  • Try them with code
  • 240+ Blocks
  • Styles & Components
  • Ready-To-Use Pages
  • For Figma & Sketch

All future updates for Free

Code + Design
  • Based on React.JS technology
  • JavaScript features included
  • Layouts, styles, and work logic
  • JQuery, Webpack, Bootstrap

All future updates for Free

Pro Access
  • Create beautiful design with thousands vector illustrations
  • Boost your workflow with great-quality UX/UI kits
  • New assets available for you for free during year

Method 4.0

All 240 blocks coded using React

30 October 2020

Method 3.2

Added 240 Dark Blocks

22 May 2020

Method 3.1

Added 120 Mobile Screens

20 November 2019

Release Method 3.0

Sketch & Figma Versions

120 Blocks

11 Categories

5 Ready-To-Use Pages

7 Widgets

28 August 2019

Method 2.3

Now it looks like a website (not a wireframe)

New devices, browser pages

12 July 2019

Method 2.2

Added 200 mobile screens

13 May 2019

Method 2.1

Added Samsung Galaxy Mockup

Diagrams in Figma were updated

5 December 2018

Method 2.0

Method migrated from Sketch to Figma

Added 10 tooltips and 15 popups

Created six landing pages

19 September 2018

Method 1.0

Sketch Version

180 Blocks

15 Categories

20 September 2017

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